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PC Classes
PowerPoint Microsoft 365 (Windows 10 & 11 (Prerequisite: Basic PC or Mac skills)
 Apr 3 (Mon), 7 (Fri) at 10:30 amDenise Wassenaar(8 seats)
Windows 11 Basic (Class 3) (Prerequisite: Basic PC knowledge)
Apr 3 (Mon), 6 (Thu) at 1:00 pmThomas Shepherd(0 seats)
Mac Classes
Pages 2 for Mac (Prerequisite: iWork: Pages 1)
 Mar 29 (Wed), 31 (Fri) at 10:30 amDennis Hilgers(5 seats)
Photos for Mac (Prerequisite: Familiarity with using a Mac)
Apr 7 (Fri), 10 (Mon) at 3:30 pmIra Simmons(0 seats)
Other Classes
Apple Watch-Almost All You Want to Know (Prerequisite: None)
Apr 6 (Thu), 13 (Thu) at 10:30 amRobert Babicke(0 seats)
iMovie for Mac, iPad and iPhone (Prerequisite: Familiar using a Mac)
 Apr 3 (Mon) at 3:30 pmIra Simmons(5 seats)
Mailchimp for Mass Email (Prerequisite: Intermediate computer skills)
 Apr 12 (Wed), 13 (Thu), 14 (Fri) at 1:00 pmMaxine Kirchgessner(4 seats)
Music and Podcast Mobile Applications (Prerequisite: Basic Smartphone Knowledge)
 Apr 5 (Wed) at 8:00 amKlaudia Jurewicz(7 seats)
Password Security and Management - The Basics (Prerequisite: Basic PC and Mac )
Mar 30 (Thu) at 10:30 amDenise Wassenaar(0 seats)
Ways to Create Amazing Videos-Smartphone (Prerequisite: Basic Smartphone Knowledge)
 Mar 29 (Wed) at 8:00 amKlaudia Jurewicz(4 seats)