New Technologies

New Technologies SIG Mission

The New Technologies SIG mission is to provide the club members with a forum for the open discussion of technology ideas and experiences. We will educate each other on key technology trends and directions. We will provide presentations and discussions about leading-edge computing advancements. We will preview announcements from key industry players. We will recap highlights from major industry trade shows. We will cover items as diverse as foldable phones, driverless autos and the best new PCs and tablets.

New Technologies SIG Purpose

New Technologies Audience

Meeting time: 3rd Thursday 3:30 - 5 PM in the Chaparral Center, Computer Club Classroom.
Oct - April
Contact: Thomas Shepherd -


Recent Presentations
File DateFile Name
04/21/2023New Tech SIG April 2023.pdf
04/21/2023New Tech SIG March 2023.pdf
02/16/2023Feb 2023 CES Highlights Presentation.pdf
01/20/2023Into to Tech Toys Buying Guide.pdf
12/18/2022Tech Toys Buying Guide 2022.pdf
12/18/2022New Tech Sig Auto Presentation Sept 2022.pdf
03/20/2022Tech Travel March 2022 Part 2.pdf
03/20/2022Tech Travel March 2022 Part 1.pdf
02/23/2022Highlights from the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show.pdf
02/23/20222022 February Consumer Electronics Show.pdf
12/20/2021Tech Toys Buying Guide Dec 2021.pdf
12/10/2021Zona Wyyerd Presentation Nov 2021.pdf
04/24/2021Linux - What is it Good For.pdf
03/29/2021New Technologies SIG March 2021 CES Highlights.pdf
02/25/2021Automotive Trends for 2021.pdf
01/21/2021MIcrosoft, Apple, Intel and Google for 2021.pdf
12/17/2020Finale 2020.pdf
10/15/2020China's Tech City.pdf
09/16/2020They're Back - Tech Giants.pdf
08/20/2020Slideshow Apps.pdf
07/16/2020Chromebook 2020.pdf
06/28/2020Tracking Technology.pdf
05/21/2020AI and the Pandemic.pdf
02/27/2020USB Essentials.pdf
01/17/20205G Cellular Networks.pdf
11/22/2019Can Chromebook Work for You.pdf
10/18/2019Virtual Reality Headsets.pdf
09/19/2019Wi-Fi 6 Routers
08/15/2019Other 3D Printing 2019.pdf
07/18/2019Health Devices 2019.pdf
06/06/2019Survival Tech 2019.pdf


Recent Newsletters
File DateFile Name
01/01/20202020-01 Newsletter.pdf
12/01/20192019-12 Newsletter.pdf
11/01/20192019-11 Newsletter.pdf
10/01/20192019-10 Newsletter.pdf
09/01/20192019-09 Newsletter.pdf
08/01/20192019-08 Newsletter.pdf
07/01/20192019-07 Newsletter.pdf